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Real Estate Professionals, Business Owners, Investors, Educators and many more residents of Santa Cruz County are supporting Anita in her mission to get elected as the next Santa Cruz County Recorder.
My endorsement of Anita Moreno is based upon working with her over the past 30 years in the private sector with Lawyers Title:
1) We worked with her at Lawyers Title in almost 100% of the transactional work we did in Santa Cruz County;
2) She was one of the few people who called me before 8:00 in the morning; so she knows the meaning of hard work;
3) Coming from the private sector, she will work at least 40 hours a week at her job;
4) She has a good sense of humor and can laugh at herself;
5) She is smart and organized and will get and keep the Recorder’s Office organized and efficient;
6) She knows how to manage a professional, courteous and attentive staff;
7) She is polite and uses the words “please” and “thank you” and will treat the residents of the County with the same courtesy she extended to clients in the private sector; remembering that she is there to serve the public;
8) Over the years she has given back to her community while managing to raise a wonderful family which is impressive; and
9) Her least important word is “I”.
Get Out To Vote this year! It is really critical for our County, State and Country.
Dan Coogan
Partner of Coogan & Martin, P.C.
I am the Broker/Owner of Agave Premier Properties in Nogales, Arizona. I am writing this letter to recommend Anita Moreno for the office of Santa Cruz County Recorder. I have known Anita since I started in the business of real estate in 1986. She is highly regarded in the Real Estate Community and was an invaluable presence at Lawyers Title until she retired last year. Anita is the consummate professional – extremely competent, highly ethical, and very knowledgeable, especially in real estate related documents. She deals effectively with people of all levels within companies and is respected as an authority in matters that she is charged with overseeing. Anita is a person of high moral character. Anita will be a contributor wherever she is – at work, at home, in her neighborhood and in our community. I am proud to call her my friend and colleague and I recommend her for the office of County Recorder without reservation because I know she will do an outstanding job.
Karen Miller
Broker/Owner of Agave Premier Properties
Anita is running for the office of County Recorder. I am SVP/Market Manager for 1st Bank Yuma at Nogales Branch. My banking career brought me to Nogales 31 years ago, which is how long I have personally known and worked with Anita. Anita's background makes her highly qualified for the position. There will be no learning curve. I have found her to be of high character, which is key for me providing my recommendation. She deserves your vote of confidence.
David Esquivel
Senior Vice President/Market Manager of 1st Bank Yuma
My name is Jean Miller and I am the Co-Owner of Long Realty Sonoita/Patagonia, a small real estate firm serving all the Eastern part of Santa Cruz County including Lake Patagonia, Patagonia, Sonoita and Elgin. I am thrilled that Anita is running for County Recorder! From 13 years of personal experience working with Title companies, other real estate firms and the County Recorder and Assessor, I have seen first hand that change is long overdue. Too many mistakes have occurred which have cost us all valuable time and money. Anita is a whirlwind of a woman who will dive right in and move our County forward. She will be open to learning from all her County constituents and will marshal and cajole all the resources made available to her to get things done. I heartily endorse her candidacy for Santa Cruz County Recorder in the upcoming election.
Jean Miller
Co-Owner/GM of Long Realty Sonoita/Patagonia

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